Arch Fender

Arch marine fender; Super arch type rubber fender (DA type); Talent BF arch type marine fender manufacturer with high quality for long service life; Port super arch rubber fender; Arch type rubber marine fender; V type arch shape rubber fender for ship use; CMR-DA marine super arch rubber fender for ship; Low reaction force super arch fender; Super arch V type rubber fender; Anti-abrasion UHMW arch fender;

Arch and element fenders have been successfully used across the world for many decades already. The relatively simple and very strong construction and durable rubber quality of these fenders provide very good protection for quay walls and corners.


  1. High energy absorption, low reaction force
  2. High stress dispersion
  3. Securely installed, easy replacement

Types and processing

Arch fenders consist of a single part and they are available in various heights and widths. The base of this type of fender consists of a steel plate with mounting holes for bolts which is vulcanised inside the rubber. As standard fenders are delivered made entirely from rubber, but if required an UHMW-PE surface layer can also be added.

Arch fenders can be mounted either horizontally or vertically using bolts. The ends can be angled or bevelled. portsino produces arch fender corners to protect quay corners, which are custom-made according to customer requirements.

Element fenders are available as standard in various sizes and, as with arch fenders, they are produced in a mould. Both ends are fitted with steel plates, which is vulcanised in the durable rubber. The steel plates contain mounting holes for attachment to walls and panels. The panel on the front side can consist of a UHMW-PE sheet or a steel panel.


Arch and element fenders are made to measure and they are used for the protection of:

  • corners and walls of quays
  • ports

arch fender arch fender arch fender