Armored Hose

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Armored Hose is used in dredging project and assorting with pipe line, it is applicable for transporting the object which has sharp interface, bigger volume, heavy specific gravity, such as coral reef, coarse sand and weathered rock.

At present the transportation of coral reef of our armored hose which is used in overseas dredging projects have already exceed 40,000,000 square, and the hose still practicable in those projects until now.


Armored hose is used in dredging mining project and assorting with the pipe line with high importance. The hose is mainly applicable for transporting mineral which has sharp interface, bigger volume, heavy specific gravity, and comparative strong impact, for example diamond, ore and so on.


  1. Using the super abrasion-resistant 30CrMnSi as the working surface.
  2. Directional installation and connection.
  3. Excellent using stability and splendid transportation.
  4. Building with HB400 wear rings and high abrasion resistance.
  5. Inner liner of excellent abrasion-resistant performance.
  6. Favorable bending resistance.
  7. Inner cover with excellent abrasion resistant and high quality. Wearing colored indicator layer
    Single foam floatation casing, preventing water absorption
    The hose emergence above water is not less than20% of the total volume (according to the customers’ request)
  8. Outer cover with excellent ageing resistance and corrosion resistance.
    Withstand the high pressure of work,
    Bending angle: 0-90 in working condition
    Low centre of gravity, strong ability of the anti-wave, good stability.


  1. For offshore dredging
  2. Excellent abrasion resistant
  3. High flexible
  4. Excellent fatigue resistance