Marine Super Cone Fenders

:Marine Super Cone Fenders

  1. BV PIANC standard approved
  2. Outstanding energy absorption
  3. High energy absorption

Main Description of Marine Super Cone Fenders:

Super Cone Rubber Fenders are the latest generation of “cell” fender combining excellent energy capacity with low reaction force to give the most efficient performance of any fender type. The conical shape keeps the body stable under all combinations of axial, shear and angular loading, making it ideal for berths where large berthing angles and heavy impacts need to be accommodated.

 Key Attributes of Marine Super Cone Fenders:

  1. Highly efficient even in severe angular berthing applications
  2. High energ absorption with relatively low reaction force.
  3. Excellent multi-directional angular performance.
  4. High durability as the internal stress are dispersed throughout the fender body.
  5. High allowable static load of fenders
  6. No performance loss even at large berthing angles
  7. Extreme stability and resistance to shear
  8. Wide choice of rubber compounds

Application of Marine Super Cone Fenders:

  1. Super Cone Rubber Fender systems can be used by most vessels on almost any berthing structure including:
  2. Container Terminals
  3. RoRo & Cruise Berths
  4. Dolphins & Monopiles
  5. General Cargo Facilities
  6. Parallel Motion Fenders
  7. Many other applications

Marine Super Cone Fenders Marine Super Cone Fenders Marine Super Cone Fenders Marine Super Cone Fenders