Polyethylene Float

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Polyethylene floats are designed for steel pipes and HDPE pipeline as well as for rubber hoses. Polyethylene floats are available in major requested dimensions, applicable for various pipe sizes. Subject floats are available in a variety of designs to suit the special application of requested.


Ship Type ID of Dredging Pipe FloatOuter Diameter(mm) FloatInner Diameter(mm) FloatLength(mm)
1 200m3 Ф400-Ф420 Ф1300 Ф430 1020
2 350m3 Ф550-Ф560 Ф1300 Ф586 1200
3 Beaver 1600 Ф500 Ф1300 Ф526 1120
4 Beaver 3800 Ф650 Ф1460 Ф670 1200
5 Beaver 4600 Ф700 Ф1500 Ф720 1300
6 Ф800


Main Features of Polythene Float:

Item Case Function Target Item Internal Function Target
Tensile Strength 12MPa±2 Water Absorption 0.16-0.2g/100㎝3
Elongation Breaking 10.1% Breaking Strength 0.8-1.0kg/100 cm3
Lash Intensity 31.4KJ/㎡ Elongation Breaking 4-6%
Bending Strength 15.7MPa Compressive Strength 1.0-2.4kg/100 cm3
Heat-resistance -50℃-+60℃