Roller And Wheel Fender

roller and wheel fender


Roller fenders are usually installed to guide ships in restricted spaces like walls of dry docks. They can also be used on corners and lock entrances where lower energies are needed.

Roller and wheel fenders are predominately installed in the entrance areas of locks, dry docks and other narrow or exposed passages. Roller fenders offer only limited energy absorption and are chosen to smoothly guide passing vessels by means of the rotation of the wheel.

Wheel fenders provide a defined energy absorption capacity in addition to guiding the vessel. Combinations of two of more roller or wheel fenders are possible.


  1. Low reaction force and high energy absorption
  2. Very low rolling resistance
  3. Use singly or in multiple stacks
  4. Composite and stainless steel bearings
  5. Low maintenance casing design
  6. Applicable for dry docks and other restricted.
  7. The fender performance is free from the influence of ship inclining and berthing


  1. Dry-dock entrances and walls
  2. Lock approaches
  3. Exposed corners and entrances
  4. High suitable for the large wharf

roller and wheel fender roller and wheel fender roller and wheel fender