Tug Boat Fenders

Tug Boat Fenders

Portsiono specializes in tugboat fender. Fenders for tugboats, work boat fenders and other types of rubber marine fenders. All our tugboat fender is produced with the best quality rubber. We can offer standard tugboat fenders or custom-made tugboat fenders with short lead times.


Tug fenders have to be more resistant to heavy loading and extreme conditionals compared to other fenders. As a rule, tug boat rubber fenders are used in tugs for its ability to push. Due to their shape they are ideal for big bow flares and general vessels. A strong chain is used to attach the tug to the tug boat rubber fenders. For larger fenders the chains are completed by circumferential reinforcement (sleeved chains or webbing straps). They are placed in particular opening at equal spacing throughout the length. The ends of this type rubber fender can be conical for convenience. Compose fender (with vulcanized or bolted surface) is used in special boats and tugs. Grey rubber was designed in Navy’s demand. A full fender set includes conical ends, different plugs, drill holes, numbered stern and bow fenders. Tug boat fender, first of all D-shaped fender and rectangular fender, is used widely, not only for boat.


  1. Appropriate for a big scale dock
  2. Rubber fender is a sort of safety device used in the wharf. It helps to absorb the energy on the ship alongside and reduce the shock resistance that is important for keeping the vessel and dock in an undamaged state.

Tug Boat Fenders Tug Boat Fenders