Unit Element Fender

Unit Element Fender/ Type I Fender


Unit element fenders are on the market for a long time and are used widely for vessels of every size. Due to vertical and horizontal position of elements they provide low reaction force and suitable energy absorption.

Unit element fenders are used in steel panels and UHMWPE pipes.

Unit element fenders have high performance. All the elements are universal and can be arranged in endless combination of direction, size and length. In case of strong loading, unit elements are united with a steel panel. It helps to solve possible problems caused by rubber drive belting, low hull pressure, etc.


  1. Universal structure
  2. Convenient form
  3. It has fixings, located symmetrically and asymmetrically
  4. Can be used in the shear of all directions
  5. Easy to install and maintain
  6. Suitable for any ship or dock
  7. Due to adaptable structure, can be used in any vessels and wharfs


  1. Container yard
  2. Tanker docks
  3. Ro-Ro and cruise boats
  4. Dolphins
  5. Cargo berths
  6. Docks
  7. Boat wharfs
  8. Rubber fenders are the simplest and the most suitable device for a huge range of applications. They are used in the process of mooring. They have a long endurance and require no maintenance.

Unit Element Fender/ Type I Fender Unit Element Fender/ Type I Fender Unit Element Fender/ Type I Fender