Wing type fender/ GD type fender



Wing type fenders are designed for vessel mounting. They combine the impressive energy absorption capabilities of a cylindrical design with the convenience of wing mounting.


  1. High energy absorption, large reaction force
  2. Small bottom width size, especially suitable for framework docks
  3. High strength of installation, long lifespan


  1. High suitable for the large wharf
  2. Rubber fender is a kind of protection facility suitable to be installed on the wharf. It can be absorbed the energy upon ship alongside and reducing the impact strength to ensure the structure of vessel and wharf harmless.
  3. Rubber fenders are the simplest and most appropriate solution for a wide range of applications in areas used as wharf moorage, guaranteeing long lasting performance and requiring no maintenance. Their innovative design assures high performance, fast and easy moorage, and maximum ship stability even in situations of extreme stress, thanks to the vulcanized steel plates placed on the base and completely covered with rubber.


  1. GD type rubber fender is a new type fender on the basis of D type fender innovation, GD type fender enlarge fender bottom width and pre-built-in steel plate mount, it can be fixed with double bolts, the strength of installation and utility life is much more improved than D type fender.
  2. Higher reaction force and energy absorption than D type fender.
  3. It applies for frame style dock, and easily installation and repair.


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